PIPE AND DRAPE dresses up and divides any area, turning plain walls into an incredible, formal space. Available from 3 to 16 feet tall in 6 standard and unlimited custom colors. Thousands of feet is available and ready to transform your event. Beautiful satin or standard convention drape - we GUARANTEE 120% BEST PRICE. Quotes are FREE!

NEW: Double wall satin drape. More formal, more appealing than other styles.

Pipe and drape is also called pipe and base, backdrape, theatrical drape and theatrical backdrop. Scenic backdrops can also be hung on pipe and base and can add depth and a theme to a room (click HERE for our scenic backdrop page). 's pipe & drape can transform any room. Old, unattractive walls become a beautiful un-intrusive space. Often used as trade show booths, in tents, in large banquet halls and on stage; pipe and drape covers up the distracting features of the less appealing wall or window behind it. Pipe and drape is freestanding so ideal as room dividers, exhibition curtain backdrape,  stage theatrical backdrop, catering aisle drape and drape partitions.


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Pipe and Drape for Tradeshows, Weddings, Industry Functions, Fairs, Receptions, Fundraisers, Special Events, Performances and more!

Transform any room. 's Pipe and Drape in available stock with all fittings costs about $.25-$.60 per foot of height times the running feet needed. Rental cost of additional days is just a fraction of the first day rate after initial setup! Just about any custom colors is available but have a higher cost and a longer lead time. Still anything is possible! We either have exactly what you have in mind or can build it for you! Please don't hesitate to contact us!




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You can set your pipe & drape or we will do it for you! Rental drape and linen is stored using Paradichlorobenzene (moth balls) to protect the material and must be hung a few hours early to "air out". Apply an anti-odorant to freshen the cloth before actual use. Knowledge pipe and drape Vertical and horizontal piping and supports is needed. Our crew will do this for you when we-set.

Make walls, branch walls, cubicles, room dividers and booths. Convert any space into an elegant event room.  's new drape stock has a beautiful, satin-like formal appearance. Standard drape creates a great environment in any room and is available in six standard colors or unlimited custom colors. As shown below: (1) Vertical supports are available for 3-ft to 16-ft drape; (2) Adjustable horizontal pipe fit neatly into the verticals; (3) 3-ft to 16-ft pocketed drape slides over the horizontal pipe. 1.5X-2.0X the width needed is installed so a pleated look is achieved. Drape can be accessorized with tie-back sashes for pathways and other openings. (4) Sidewall uprights make half-height or full walls based on your need; (5) Base plate weights or sandbags help keep the installation firm; (6) 3-ft sidewall drape; (7) baseplate for vertical support.


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Over items event items available. Appearance may differ from website, view at warehouse to assure your needs are met.

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